Women’s T-shirt Types & Styles

Women’s T-shirt Types & Styles

T-shirts are true saviours! Want to go to the market, a get-together, or the hospital? Put on that favourite T-shirt of yours, and you are good to go.

While T-shirts were considered a man’s outfit for the longest time, times have changed. Womens T-shirts are taking precedence, and they love it.  Look at some of the most common types and styles of Women’s T-shirts through this blog.

Types of T-shirts

The Boat Neck

Just like men have snoop neck T-shirts, women have boat neck ones. The only significant difference is that they are broader and slimmer. Moreover, the neckline rarely skims your collarbones. That, too, in a horizontal line just like the hull of a boat.

The Boatneck is worn to accentuate the shoulders, lengthening them in the best way possible and making them look more elegant with, of course, a better natural posture.

One Shoulder

This is made especially for those women who want to have some fun and explore simultaneously. Counts for most women though!

The one-shoulder top is rather playful and is usually referred to as a sporty and casual means to wear out and about.

You will see them getting extremely popular during the summer months when survival in fuller clothes gets a little tricky. Not just that, one-shoulder tops can also be used during workouts to be worn over a performance tank top.

Cap Sleeves

Now comes another type of Women’s T-shirt, the cap sleeves. These tees are way smaller than the men’s t-shirts. Moreover, they are pretty true to their name. They cap off the shoulders as much as possible. No further extension is seen.

The best part about cap sleeves is that they are extremely cute. Although, they need a longer fit. This is mainly because you would otherwise look short in the waist area.


The Halter T-shirt is another popular choice around the globe. They have necklines with curves on the inner side and wraps or ties on the back of the neck’s nape.

These T-shirts are more used to show off your body than the other ones mentioned previously. You will find a common variation to the Halter T-shirt, which is the racerback top.

Plunging Neck

The overextended V-neck or scoop neck is also popularly known as the plunging neck. Generally, these tops extend way past the rib’s top and eventually dip to the midpoint of the chest.

You can wear plunging neck T-shirts or the more common deep v-necks according to the cut depth or along with a traditional V-neck below.

Scoop Neck, Crew Neck, and V Neck

Womens T-shirts are filled with neck variations! They could crew neck, V neck variations, scoop neck, and whatnot. Generally, these tees are made to be smaller and slimmer. Similarly, they are usually a lot deeper in terms of the run when compared to those of men.

These are specially designed to keep the space of a necklace or that beautiful female neck in mind.

T-shirts that started from a male perspective are as unisex as they possibly could be. You can find an endless number of colours, types, and designs in T-shirts. All of them, at the best price ever. Way cheaper than shirts for sure!

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