Top Facts To Know About Catalog Management Services

Top Facts To Know About Catalog Management Services

When you start your eCommerce, everything runs smoothly till you have to handle just a handful of SKUs of products. The day when you increase the flow of products, you will face challenges and it is really hard to cope up without an expert’s help. After all, eCommerce catalog management services play a very quintessential role in a successful eCommerce business. It helps your business to thrive in a highly competitive market.

Let’s Understand – Catalog Management

Catalog management is a broad term, often used in eCommerce setups and allied with other terms such as product title, image, specifications, price etc.

eCommerce catalog management is the process of managing all required data (regarding the product) while ensuring its quality and configure it in a required format for the customers or viewers. This process also includes optimizing, enriching and organizing product information accurately and effectively. This helps improving customer experience, persuade them to buy the product(s) and smooth workflow.

Catalog management gets more complicated when you are selling your product on multiple channels or marketplaces.


Some of the usual challenges that users or online retailers face with catalog management are:

Multiple Channel Marketing

Multiple channel market is one of the best ways to spread the awareness and selling of your product(s) through multiple platforms such as Amazon. The major reason for this method is that your product gets maximum exposure. But, with a lot of advantages comes a little bit of challenges as well. Every channel has its terms and conditions of product listing and the seller has to abide by that. The catalog needs to be modified accordingly. For instance, when you outsource Magento Product Upload Services, the experts also provide clever content management to ensure consistency across the channels while strictly sticking to the guidelines of each.

Regularly Updating The Products Online

In catalog management, the experts take care of the regular updates which include price changes, new product addition, new offers or discounts, new trends etc. New offers or new trends on the carousel keep your customer curious about your store and products and also, keep him well informed about the new offers. This persuades your customer to buy and generate good revenue. Hence, regular catalog updates is a very quintessential part of eCommerce system and become challenging when you have a large inventory.

SEO Friendly Content

The regular increment of competition in the market is not hidden by the sellers. This brings in the requirement to manage eCommerce product catalogs in a way that constantly keeps them ahead of their competitors. For instance, the experts of Ecommerce Catalog Management Services infuse SEO optimisation which enhances the products’ searches, provide user-friendly, grammatically correct and informative content to enhance customer experience. The challenge of doing this increases when you have a lot of numbers of SKUs.

Extracting Meaningful Data From Suppliers’ Data

In general, the suppliers or manufacturers do not follow a guideline when sending product information to the Ecommerce owner. The product catalog data then is required to be extracted and it is time taking and require a good workforce if you have a lot of numbers of SKUs. If you have a lot of suppliers, this can become a heck of a problem.


Outsource Ecommerce Catalog Management Services to an experienced company like India Data Entry Services where there are teams to handle content or SEO or Product Catalog or Marketing and etc. They must have experience in handling various channels or platforms and follow their guidelines to prevent any elimination or suspension. A good catalog management service can result in:

  • Generate ROI
  • Repeat Purchase
  • Repeat Customers
  • Easily searchable products
  • Search Engine friendly
  • Good content management and etc. to build the reputation of the brand.

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