Things to Do if You Hear Strange Noises in Your AC Unit

Things to Do if You Hear Strange Noises in Your AC Unit

Did you switch on your AC and hear some weird noises coming from it? It is relatively common for air conditioners to make strange noises, especially when they’re first turned on.

However, if the noise continues or worsens after your air conditioner usually has been running for a while (usually 5-10 minutes), it may indicate that there’s something wrong with the system.

It is advisable to call an expert firm that offers 24 hour AC repair Houston immediately to get the issue fixed.

Here’s what you must do when you hear strange noises from your air conditioner in Houston.

Turn Off Your AC

Reports have found that the hot summer season in Houston is responsible for a higher percentage of home energy consumption than in comparison to other parts of the country.

It is easy to panic when you hear a strange noise. Your reflexive response is to turn off the air conditioner immediately.

However, it’s better to wait for a few minutes before turning off the AC because, in most cases, this will stop the noise without any need for AC repair.

Check If the Noise Is Normal

If the strange sound in your AC is easily identifiable, then the noise is probably normal, and it’s safe to continue using the AC. For example, an outdoor unit will make a thumping or vibrating sound when it shuts down because of overheating.

Similarly, an indoor unit might produce a clicking sound when it shuts down due to internal safety measures.

Call An HVAC Contractor

According to reports, August is the hottest month in Houston.

There are several instances where you should call a company that offers 24-hour AC repair in Houston, even if the noise is normal.

For example, the noise is loud enough to interfere with phone calls or conversation or if the sound is coming from the indoor unit and not the outdoor unit.

Check The Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerants such as R410A, R22, and CFCs create a hissing sound when they expand. If you hear such a noise, it indicates too much of the particular refrigerant in your AC.

You should call your HVAC company that offers 24 hour AC repair in Houston immediately because this can cause severe damage to your AC if left unchecked.

Additionally, you can also check for refrigerant leaks which are another common cause of strange noises in the AC.

If there is a leak, the refrigerant will mix with oil and make an unusual “roaring” sound when it’s running. Moreover, if there’s a loose belt on the outdoor unit, it will also produce a strange noise.

Call For AC Repair if the Noise is Coming from An Electrical Part of Your AC

An air conditioner uses several electrical components, including capacitors, compressors, and coils, which can all cause strange noises when they malfunction or fail. It is advisable to call a company that offers quality air conditioning repair in Houston.

If The Noise Is Constant

If you hear a permanent humming or droning sound, then it may indicate that there’s something wrong with your AC’s refrigerant circuit.

You should call for AC repair immediately to avoid damage to your air conditioning system.

If You Can’t Identify the Source of The Noise

 If you can’t figure out where the strange noise is coming from, it’s best to call for AC repair.

Air condition repairs can cost a lot of money if the issue is left unattended. This is why it is important to be aware of the functioning of the unit and attentive of any unnatural sounds coming out of the system. By taking action in time and getting timely repairs, you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

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