The Popularity Of Shoes And The Latest Shoe Trends In Australia!

The Popularity Of Shoes And The Latest Shoe Trends In Australia!

Shoes are of various trends, expensive, affordable, stylish, comfortable, and mostly they are a great source of safety to the feet. This accessory has transformed from just footwear to fashion wear. For unique shoes Australia has a different benchmark for trends and style. Due to the movement, branded and limited edition shoes can reach a value up to $50,000 or more because of their specific and limited design.

The Popularity Of Shoes Globally

The modern shoes one wears is stated to have been created in early 1910 for the soldiers who went to battle in wars, looking at their design and durability to withstand any small obstacle and protect the feet. After releasing them, the boots became very popular, and in a matter of time, these shoes became famous around the world. When they became popular, people started judging others by their boots more than their appearance.

In the early days, people were interested in the shades of black and white shoe colours, but modern culture has introduced more colours and designs after the popularity of the pop and hip-hop culture. Soon the trend of shoe customisation started. An individual purchased shoes according to their occupation or personality.

Custom-Made Shoe Trends in Australia

People love to stay trendy in Australia and wear fashionable clothes and shoes. Moreover, unique shoes in Australia signify that people like to wear more comfortable and customised shoes. Shoeheads in Australia customise their old pair of shoes or buy custom-made shoes from stores or custom shoe painters. There are many customisation options in shoe size, shape, designs, and patterns. Moreover, custom shoes are also available for specific festivals, such as selective designs for Christmas and Halloween. People not only customise shoes for special occasions but also to support their favourite sports team. Customising shoes to support favourite teams is a popular trend in Australia.  

Things To Keep In Mind About Custom Shoes

To customise shoes, one should first decide how they want to go with them. Sometimes it is not possible to paint certain shoes because some shoe models are not made for customisation. Before customisation, check whether the material of the shoes is suitable for customisation. Shoes with spongy material are not suitable for customisation. To know more information about shoes that are suitable for customisation, ask the seller or simply check on the official website of the shoe brand. The owner needs to take good care of custom shoes because such shoes are delicate, and a simple scratch can ruin the shoe’s design.

Customise with the help of professionals

Shoes help find people of similar cultures because they can quickly identify them by looking at their shoes. Customised designs are unique and special just for a specific person. Mostly, regular shoes are hand-painted, or professional shoe painters and custom shoemakers customise them. These shoes look very attractive and can go with any outfit. In Australia, paint artists customise shoes as their primary occupation. These professionals charge $15-20 for each pair of shoes.


Everybody loves shoes! A person is defined by the shoes they wear be it working shoes, casual shoes, or party shoes. To customise shoes one should always seek customisation stores or well-known artists.

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