Start your Healthy regime with Online Yoga Classes

Start your Healthy regime with Online Yoga Classes

Recently an article came out in the Times of India that shows, the Delhi Government started online yoga classes for home isolated Covid 19 Patients. The title of the article is ‘Yoga is not just a physical fitness regime, it is for your mind and soul, too: Viraj Malik’ that shows how the number of yoga practices is in surge for the pandemic and also some information about aerial yoga.

When we all are talking a lot about yoga, then first we need to know what yoga is? To answer the question in a simple way, we can say, yoga is the collective practice of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines that aims to bring peace to the mind and lessen mundane sufferings. Yoga is originated in ancient India and is practiced since then. There are various schools of yoga. In the western world, Yoga is posture-based and consists of asanas that concentrate on physical fitness, stress relief, relaxation techniques. However, in Traditional Yoga stress is given on meditation and the detachment from earthly possessions. As time passes by, people became more aware of the benefits of yoga and now, as we are living in the 21st century, are privileged with technology and able to do whatever we want from home. Various online platforms offer their services and provide online yoga classes to help us to correct our way of living.

Benefits we get from yoga:

When it comes to discussing the benefits of yoga then the topic is enormous. You can find an article, published in The Indian Express Magazine called ‘ Why we need yoga more than ever today ‘ informative. Here you can find how the government played a significant role in the development of yoga by operationalizing 1.25 lakh Health and Wellness Centres under Ayushman Bharat Scheme. Let’s see what are the major benefits we can have from yoga:

  1. Yoga helps in the quick recovery of patients: One gets mind and body fitness by doing yoga. It provides muscular activity and also internal awareness of self, breathing, and energy. Yoga practice helps to recover patients quickly from their illness.
  2. In 2018 an article,’ 10 health benefits of Yoga’, was published in the Times of India, about how yoga helps in reducing depression, anxiety, stress, and helps to stay positive, focused, and balanced.
  3. It helps in burning fat and promoting mental health.
  4.  Improves body postures, blood circulation, and flexibility.
  5. Yoga helps to relax, slow the breathing system and reduce blood pressure which lessens the effect of insomnia.

How Online Yoga Classes Help You:

Our generation is shifting to the digital platform rapidly and so is the practice of yoga. Now it’s not the time when you have to rush to a yoga center. From food, utensils, entertainment to health benefit services is now a click away. Online yoga sessions give you the freedom of your time. Now, you can utilize your time the way you want through online yoga classes.

  1. Variety of Choice:

Let’s be honest. We love to have choices in our lives. Online yoga class gives you a plethora of choice. You will be amazed to see how many variations you can get which is unimaginable in real life. The yoga coaches, you always wanted to have as mentors are there for you and it’s like dream comes true that you can learn and practice yoga with them even being at home.  You have the freedom to choose different yoga styles, teachers you admire, online workshops, and various guest lecturers. We feel empowered when we have the privilege to choose. Being empowered leads you to mental satisfaction. You wake up every morning feeling energetic and ready to explore some more.

  • Flexible time and space:

Some of us are morning birds and some are night owls. Who cares when we have online sessions? Now, what more do we desire than using our time as we want? Yes, online yoga sessions are like Gene in our lives. It grants us our time and our space. Whether you are at home or office, having a vacation, or resting in your den, if you wish to practice a quick session, online yoga is there to accompany you.

  • Budget-friendly:

Offline yoga classes are way more expensive than online classes, no matter how much you try to cut the budget. There are plenty of plans, monthly, half-yearly, yearly, etc. You just need to choose your perfect plan and start practicing.

  • Community Building:


Online yoga builds community. You come across plenty of teachers from all over the world and also sometimes other fellow yogis. Thus a sense of engaging in a community is built. The Presence of possibilities makes life more interesting.

Mistakes Made While Doing Online Yoga:

The main problem with our generation is we want everything in a short amount of time. We don’t like time-consuming processes. From getting food delivered in time to fast-burning fat diets, we always run towards quick resulted things. When the topic is yoga, many people already tried, didn’t get the desired result quickly, and dropped out. Before starting yoga keep in mind that it’s a gradual process and takes time to show results. The mistake we make is doing too much in a short time. We do every kind of yogas which we think is good and start expecting that it will result in a few days. Yoga is not like making popcorn. Keep patience and consistency. Gradually you will find huge changes in your life.

Yoga is a wellness bearer that helps to protect physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Brings peace to mind. One may argue that in our modern world we have all kinds of medicines to treat physical and psychological disorders. It’s true that yoga can’t treat cancer patients but it surely provides the peace and strength of mind that cancer patients long for. Yoga is a holistic model of healing. So, all yogis out there, keep up the good work and look forward to a beautiful future full of life, joy, health, and prosperity. You are already wealthy if you have health. Because you know, health i

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