How to Find the Best Nose Surgeon?

How to Find the Best Nose Surgeon?

A nose job or rhinoplasty is a medical procedure for reconstructing or correcting the nose and improving its functions. People have also resorted to this cosmetic procedure to enhance their facial appearance, and it is deemed a popular and most sought-after cosmetic surgery across the world. So, if you wish to reconstruct your nose, have breathing difficulties, or are unhappy with the shape, you need to find a nose surgeon to guide you through the surgical procedure. Meanwhile, your selection of a rhinoplasty surgeon should be based on certain factors, which are listed below:

  1. Certification of the Surgeon

The selection of a surgeon for a nose job must commence with checking their board certification. Board certification is a testimony that the surgeon has completed the necessary training and has credentials to practice medicine or perform surgeries. As such, rhinoplasty surgeons receive board certification in ENT specialty or reconstructive or plastic surgery. However, you must bear in mind that physicians with board certifications in ENT or plastic surgery are not necessarily rhinoplasty experts. Hence, while board certification is a prerequisite, learning a few more things before the consultation is essential.

  • Expertise and Experience of the Surgeon

A surgeon’s expertise and experience are crucial factors if you opt for a nose job. As such, it’s best to get information on the number of surgeries performed by the surgeon throughout their career span. You can also carry some offline or online research about the professional background of the surgeon and go through their body of work. A surgeon who has performed surgeries over the years is likely to have more experience and skills than those starting their careers.

  • Look at Before and After Photos

The skills and expertise of rhinoplasty surgeons are manifested in their work. And looking at the before and after photos of the patients would help you assess the ability of the doctors to deliver optimal results. The images reveal the ability of the surgeon to perform a nose job allowing the patients to reshape and resize their nose or enhance their appearance.

By surveying a wide range of photos, you could better understand what your nose might look like post-surgery. It should also be added that nose surgeons may have competence in specific nose types like boney nose, fleshy nose, or dolly nose. So, you are likely to get the best results if you know your nose structure and the doctor’s specialisation on the same.

  • Maintain Clear Lines of Communication

It is crucial to consult with your surgeon multiple times before the surgery. A surgeon must listen to the patient’s concerns and clearly explain all the details regarding the procedure. You also need to communicate your treatment goals clearly from the very beginning of the treatment.

The most vital aspect of communication is discussing medical history and assessing various rhinoplasty options to achieve the best results. As such, it would be best if you discussed all aspects of the surgery at length to have realistic expectations regarding postoperative care, risks involved, recovery time, etc. To sum up, you need to state all your concerns comfortably before going for the surgery. 

It can be stated that research is the most crucial element when opting for rhinoplasty. Gaining detailed knowledge about the surgeon and the procedure facilitates making an informed decision on the treatment. It is also helpful in getting insights into the surgery and the surgeon’s approach towards treatment and accomplishing the best results. 

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