Fabrics Of Designer Kurtis That Are Comfortable Round The Year

Fabrics Of Designer Kurtis That Are Comfortable Round The Year

Indians are famous for their spice-up life and their indigenous taste in every form such as food, language, art, and of course, clothing. Look at the textile industry in India and you will definitely spot a gamut of a colorful collection of dresses which may symbolize the regional and state art effect. Do you know why?

There are almost 10 major kinds of religions which rest in the heart of India and have the privilege to take a dip in faith in whichever one wants. And so they do in their choice of clothing. Now coming to designer apparel and Kurtis, women just love these two a lot and the reason is their look and laid-back attitude. Yes, one can find both of them in one single thing – by investing in designer kurtis. Here is a list of fabrics and their type which you need to know before purchasing Kurtis to stay comfortable all around the year and season.

Check them out…

Cotton Kurtis

Undoubtedly cotton is the best thing that man has extracted from nature. The fabric reigns even the peak time of summer as well as winter days. This fabric is for everyone as this is one of the lightest, breathable, and easy to wear fabric. Cotton Kurtis showcases amazing cuts and designs because it is easy to put them on starched fabric.

It is the most common fabric favoured by everyone across the world.

Khadi Kurtis

A little-known one, khadi is the second best type of fabric which a person with aesthetic sense must invest. Nature’s next punch is in the form of khadi and man-made khadi kurtis are for all fashion enthusiasts who know how to appreciate nature’s art. They are eco-friendly, skin-friendly, comfortable and can be worn all round the year.

The simple and just hues of these kurtis make a hit as an outfit.

Lycra Kurtis

Most of the inner-wears is curated and designed in this fabric. Know the reason? The fabric is a quick absorbent and is a blessing under scorching heat and humid weather. In winters, it acts as a shield to prevent winter chills enter inside the wear.

You can wear this type of kurtis with catchy leggings, jeggings, treggings, denim.

Silk Kurtis

The mere word ‘silk’ redirects our mind to think about luxe, royal, expensive, and sheen of life. Be the star by choosing the pretty natural fabric from the environment and flaunt the beauty like witty fashionistas. Yes, witty! Because you know what is best for you and the environment!

Not only kurtis, but women love to see this fabric scintillates their curves with saree as well. And there are 20-25 types of silk types are available in India which is intricately used in the making of designer sarees, kurtis and salwar suits.

Chiffon Kurtis

Chiffon is a vehement blend of silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, or rayon fabrics which give the resultant fabric exactly which is in demand. Chiffon is sheer, with breezy features and chiffon-made dresses are meant to be worn in the evening or formal functions evening and formal wear. The floaty look makes it difficult to work with. The chiffon Kurtis are available in amazing color combinations and prints yet under an affordable budget.

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