All You Need to Know About Sun Protective Clothing

All You Need to Know About Sun Protective Clothing

Although one of the greatest joys of living in Australia is that you get to bask in the sun’s warm glow, getting your dose of sunlight in moderation is better.

While you’re out in the sun, it’s advisable to invest in good sun protection Australia clothing that will save you from the aftermaths of UV rays on your skin. There are many different types of sun-protective clothing available for you to choose from.

This article will give you a brief idea of the different options available for sun protection Australia.

What is Sun Protective Clothing?

Sun protective clothing is made of tightly-woven fabric that reduces the space between each strand. This helps in minimising the amount of sunlight that can reach the skin. This type of clothing is made of lightweight, breathable, and quick-dry material to keep sweat away from your body and keep it cool.

In Australia, the rate of skin cancer is one of the highest globally. At least two out of three Australians are expected to be diagnosed with skin cancer by 70. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun is one of the leading causes of skin cancer.

To help protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, it’s essential to benefit from good quality sun protective clothing. Following is the list of people who can benefit from this type of clothing:

  • Sun-sensitive people
  • People with darker skin pigmentation
  • Children and older adults with sensitive skin
  • People living at higher altitudes or in the equatorial region
  • People who are on medications

What are the Benefits of Wearing Sun-Protective Clothing?

There are multiple benefits of wearing sun-protective clothing for everyone. You cannot control how frequently you will need to step out in the sun, but you can control the amount of exposure to sunlight.

Wearing sun-protective clothing will keep your skin protected in all possible ways.

  1. Extra Protection

Besides using your regular sunscreen, sun-protective clothing provides your skin with an extra layer of protection. It can also prevent frequent sunburns.

If you run out of your sunscreen or forget to apply it on some days, you can rely on these clothing types to provide you complete protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Once you start wearing sun-protective clothing, you will observe the benefits on your skin, and it will appear healthier to you.

  1. Covers Exposed Skin

Since these clothes are made with tightly-woven fabric, they work best in shielding your exposed skin than a regular item of clothing.

Unlike your regular long-sleeved shirt, sun-protective clothing also keeps your body cool and reduces the amount of sweat in your body. This is one of the most significant advantages of wearing them during the hottest days.

Other Ways to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

While it’s best to invest in sun-protective clothing to shield your skin against harmful UV rays, total UV protection requires multiple approaches.

Here are other ways to take care of your skin other than wearing UV-protective clothing.

  • Use sunscreen as frequently and as much as you can. A sunscreen with a high SPF rating works best in protecting your skin from UV rays.
  • Wear your sunglasses to protect your eyes, preferable ones that offer 100% UV-ray protection.
  • Monitor and manage your sun exposure time. Avoid stepping out frequently during peak daylight hours – 9 am to 3 pm.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to skin protection, there are many ways– sun-protective clothing is one of those ways. When combined with other measures, they can do wonders to your skin by keeping it healthy and safe.

Try to limit your sun exposure as much as you can. It will effectively shield you from the harmful UV rays that can cause several skin diseases.

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