6 Different Types of Shoes For Every Fashionable Woman

6 Different Types of Shoes For Every Fashionable Woman

“You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.” — Christian Dior

Mind those words and you are already half on the way to be a fashionista. Women shoes are just like the diamond in a ring, both amplify the beauty of the wearer in a special sense. A right pair of ladies footwear not only adds extra oomph to a woman’s appearance but it also amplifies her personality and social impression. Thus, any fashion-conscious woman just cannot wear simply anything on her feet. It takes a wise mind and some time to choose.

Let us help you with that. Today we are gonna discuss 6 different types of shoes for every fashionable woman and how they can rock your look.

1. Stilettos

Grab a pair of the long, pencil-like high heels aka stilettos and you are ready to rock your sexy look. If you are going to wear a sexy pencil dress or bodycon dress or formal pencil skirt with a tight shirt or ballerina frock and related trendy dresses for the special moment, stilettos are just the right thing to drool upon. The best thing about these pairs is that they can go along with both formal and party dresses.

2. Ballerinas

One of the most popular ladies footwear is a pair of Ballerinas. They can be worn on a daily basis as they are easy to wear and highly comfortable to walk with. This not just pretty but a practical and must-have pick for a fashionable woman’s wardrobe.

3. Canvas Shoes

Do you wanna run? Walk? Saunter?

Be it anything, canvas shoes are just the pretty and sporty adhere for an active woman. These are light in weight and flexible shoes and can complement your short dresses as well as casual jeans and top look. The most demanding colour in canvas shoes is white and great to wear with short skirts and multi-coloured outfits as well.

4. Flip Flops

Commonly known as ladies chappal, modern days’ flip flops are ideal to wear inside the house. If you love to saunter on the beach or have been invited to a pool party, just carry ladies chappal and you will be done. They are utterly comfortable, quick to put on and bring absolutely no problem when worn in the water.

5. Mules

Mule shoes are slightly pointed at the closed front and have an open back. These give a formal look and ideal footwear to complement your formal dresses and high collar events. Wear them with cigarette pants, clean button-downs with a blazer or coat.

6. Brogue Shoes

One of the personal favorites of many Bollywood actresses that they even can’t stop themselves from wearing it with sarees. Gone are the days when these were only picked of men; brogues have become a major fashion statement among fashion-forward women. They are highly comfortable as ladies’ chappals and can be worn with formal as well as semi-formal dresses.

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