6 Brands to Take Care of Women’s Health

6 Brands to Take Care of Women’s Health

Women’s health is a concern that needs to be addressed at the earliest. Given the intense competition and increasing workload, the most overlooked subject is always health. It has been subjected to be left alone in the backburner till crisis strikes. From professional commitments to the upkeep of the family, pregnancies to periods, women have been at the forefront of challenges for far too long and it is time that we as a society, appreciate their effort and assist them with better health.

Here are 6 brands that take care of women’s health like no other.


Women’s healthcare simplified- with HERA’s women’s health solution partner. HERA is an Indian brand and also is a one-stop solution for all women’s health. They not only offer health checks but also offer clean products with follow-up care through a seamless experience. They believe in providing quality healthcare solutions for every girl, woman, and mother. Since their target market is women, they only use the right ingredients, with correct dosages. Moreover, HERANOW provides multivitamin supplements, prenatal vitamins, fertilize multivitamins, PCOD and hormonal imbalance multivitamins, calcium core, omega one, folate first, etc, in order to meet all the various issues of women’s health. Nevertheless, their products are created under the thorough guidance of doctors, scientists, and healthcare experts.

Lastly, post order, you can avail yourself of daily tips and reminders, personalized follow-up support, etc. Heranow is a brand that is been trusted by women at all stages of life.


Practo has revolutionized online medical consultancy. It has a vast number of specialists on its rolls and has been able to garner a sizeable clientele. Practo has also been mindful of the needs of the women in the country. They have specialized medical assistance programs for them as well as women-specific health checks and tests. Practo aims to be the one-stop-shop for medical consultation in the country and has come a long way from the time of its inception. With a strong network spread across the country and a growing reputation, Practo is indeed one of the brands that are trusted by women of all ages.


The clue is a health app, built by Berlin-based Technology company BioWink GmbH. The application specializes in helping women keep a track of the menstruation cycle. With an increasingly busy schedule and stressful lives, it becomes difficult for women to maintain track of their periods. There are also rising cases of unwanted pregnancies in the country. The simple solution to these challenges is to be able to record their monthly cycles. This goes a long way in preventing unwanted and nasty surprises.


Headspace is an American brand that provides women with all-time, any-time meditation sessions. One of the biggest reasons behind the overall decrease in the quality of health among women is stress. Stress accompanied by anxiety is also a silent killer and strikes at the most inopportune time. Headspace provides women with the opportunity to unwind in short bursts. Because of its unique blend of technology and ancient Indian practice of meditation, it has been able to garner a large audience. It also encourages most of its consumers to complete a Masters’s level of meditation. Headspace has been in India since 2012 and is famous for its myriad sessions and programs. It designs its courses keeping in mind the madness of the modern world. It understands that a women’s job is not limited to 9 to 5 but goes further beyond. Headspace offers courses that are 10 minutes long and are in audio format. It is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress.


A disease that strikes silently and usually becomes rogue towards the later part of its journey is cancer and breast cancer is a prime killer when it comes to women. One of the reasons why there are a large number of breast cancer deaths in the country, despite it being a reversible and controllable disease is lack of awareness. Women have to start taking care of themselves and that would include periodic self-checks. Niramai uses artificial intelligence to overcome the challenges of painful breast cancer screening.

This Bengaluru-based Technology company has created the screening device which has helped thousands of women detect cancer long before it becomes life-threatening. One of the features of the device is that it can detect cancerous cells which are five times smaller in size compared to clinical checks. The tech start-up also uses machine learning and big data to build a diagnostic kit that is not just reliable and accurate but low cost too. Expense is also one of the reasons why women are deterred from cancer checks. Niramai is a prime example of how effectively technology can be combined with health management systems to provide for the larger mass. This makes it one of the most trusted brands for women in the country.


Health care management is not just about medicines and appointments but also managing the piles of reports, that keep growing. Women’s health requires focus and a robust methodology and LiveHealth through its intuitive Management Information System or MIS provides the supporting documentation. It also provides a seamless experience to its users right from providing them with doctor appointments to what are the effective multivitamins for women. It also has an integrated payment system for online transactions.

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