4 Useful Tips to Maintain Your Beloved Mini Fridge

4 Useful Tips to Maintain Your Beloved Mini Fridge

Most often, when you’re living alone, you don’t need a large refrigerator to store food and beverages. So the perfect solution for you would be a portable fridge.

You can take it with you on a trip, or keep it in your bedroom if you want. But the last thing you want on a camping trip is a fridge that breaks down. As such, you will have a hard time fixing it, and your snacks might get spoilt. And that’s why you need to maintain the fridge by cleaning and defrosting it from time to time. So here’s a handy maintenance guide for your portable refrigerator if you’re confused about where to start:  

1.    Regular Defrosting

Defrosting is one of the best methods to extend the life of your fridge, and it is a simple process to reduce the frost build-up inside the refrigerator. So you must aim to defrost your fridge when the ice layer is around 3mm thick. And even if the manufacturer claims the product to be “auto-defrost”, you can do it manually.

So to do so, follow the steps below: 

  • Switch off the fridge. 
  • Remove all food and beverages.
  • Leave the fridge door open for a while. 
  • Place some dry towels or cloth to absorb the melted ice. 
  • After cleaning all the water, switch on the fridge when it’s dry. 

But, make sure not to use any sharp objects while chipping off the frost.

2.    Keep the Interiors Clean

You need to keep the interiors of your refrigerator clean to avoid the build-up of germs. And to do so, take a soft cloth and apply some mild detergent to it. Use it to clean the compartments and shelves and to keep them dust-free. In addition, you can use a soft brush to remove any dirt from the condenser.

Also, you must not neglect the door seals as they tend to get dirty with regular use. Thereafter, clean the sides of your fridge along with the bulb. And lastly, check your fridge regularly to avoid any accumulation of dirt or bacteria that can hamper your food.       

3.    Don’t Let It Sit Idle

Just like people, if you let your fridge sit idle for too long, it might not perform like it used to. So a simple strategy is to let the fridge run for the whole day every month, as it will keep the internal components lubricated and properly oiled. So, even if you are using it for outdoor trips occasionally, your fridge will run well. 

While doing this, stock your fridge with fresh food and beverages. The food will absorb the hot air that flows through the fridge and will keep it functional.  

4.    Seek Professional Assistance

If you’ve followed all the above steps and still feel your fridge isn’t performing well, you’ll need professional help. You can contact the local service centre for assistance. And when the professional arrives, ensure that they check the following:

  • AC voltage
  • Gas pressure 
  • Gas supply lines 
  • Condenser 

You can also ask them for more tips to keep your fridge well-maintained.

Maintaining your portable fridge is a constant process that needs a bit of discipline. As such, you need to check all the parts frequently to keep them in order. In addition, proper maintenance will keep the food and drinks inside fresh and germ-free.  Lastly, if your fridge is battery-operated, you also need to focus on its charging. For instance, you should ensure that the fridge isn’t overcharged when you connect it to an external charger. 

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